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Bohemian pillow covers – 16″ x16″

Bohemian pillow covers’ is my very recent project. I wanted to make it very colorful, therefore used the colors generously. Details of the each design is shared below.

Yarn details –

Yarn – Loops & threads – Impeccable size 4

Hook size – 5

Colors – Rose pink, Aqua, Rich orchid, Soft rose, Fern, Glowing gold

Pillow size – 17″x 17″ for insert size 16″ x 16″

Pattern – Picture frame by Lisa Naskrent

Since my desired size and shape of the pillow was different from the original pattern, i modified the details to achieve my required size and shape.

Pattern Sophie’s universe by Dedri Uys.

After working the pattern for few circles, I modified it to fit my size and shape requirements.

Pattern : Tropical delight by Mellie Blossom.

Here again original pattern was modified in design, size and shape to meEt my requirements.


Back of all these covers is in 2 parts- top and bottom in DC. Top overlapped bottom panel by 1.5″-2″ and had 5 button holes. Buttons were sewn on the lower panel. All the 3 pieces had back panels in different colors – Rose pink, Rich orchid and Fern. Buttons on each panel were in contrast colors. Rose pink had Rich orchid buttons, Fern had Rose pink and Rich orchid had Aqua buttons.


I joined the front panel along with the making of the back panels. It saved my time from sewing it later on. Method of joining pieces along with the project will be shared in my future posts.


New category – ‘Yarn Projects I Made’ will showcase all the projects i made in crochet and other yarn crafts. Details of each project will be shared along with the images. Bohemian pillow covers is first post in this category. More will be shared from time to time in my future posts.

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