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8 decor ideas with dry Flowers

We all have occasions round the year, when we receive bouquets from friends and family. After a week – 10 days when those flowers starts to wilt, we usually throw them away. This is the part i don’t really like – throwing those bouquets away. Another reason is that those were received with the wishes and blessings of the friends and family, throwing them away makes me feel bad.

Its been sometime since I started drying those flowers and made a few projects.

Tips for drying process –

  1. Different flowers turn out different after drying. While some flowers stay bright colored even after drying, others lose shape and colors.
  2. If you want to dry flowers, take them out of water on 3rd-5th day, before flowers starts to wilt and stems lose shape.
  3. Keep different variety of flowers separately for drying to avoid damage to the dried textures.
  4. Spread each stem separately in flat trays, you can use plastic trays and keep them in shade in a dry place, away from sunlight.
  5. Dry leaves as well. Green color brings out other colors better.



Cut the stems of the flowers to be able to arrange them in the bowl. Add leaves along with it. Hide a cotton swab dipped in essential oil underneath. It will keep the area fresh and full of fragrance. 


b)  WALL DECOR –  

For the wall decor piece, use a wicker basket of any shape. Cut the stems, and arrange variety of flowers in it. Use hot glue to fix them in place. Be very gentle in the process to avoid breaking them. I made this 2 way, a floral decor piece for the day and arranged copper wired battery within the basket. The battery part of is glued on the back of the basket.

Once again, hide a cotton swab dipped in essential oil in the basket and enjoy the fresh air in the surroundings. 


For the floral canvas, pick up a few twigs from your yard and with the help of hot glue, stick them to the edges of the canvas. Twigs add to the raw nature to the decor piece. Make sure the edges are hidden under the twigs. Arrange dried flowers on the canvas surface and with the help of hot glue, stick them carefully without breaking petals.

The essential oil dipped cotton swab will work here too. 🙂



A transparent vase can also be filled with the dried flowers, leaves, baby pine cones.

Oh how much i love the freshness of pinecone!!  To share a secret with you, when i go out for evening walks during autumn/fall i collect pine cones 2-3 pieces at a time.:) They keep smelling fresh for a very long time.

A essential oil dipped cotton swab could be optional.


This is as simple as filling the vase with the dried pieces. Place the candle in the jar and surround it with the flowers.  I made it like a color blocks of flowers – blue, red, yellow.


Fill your hanging pots with the dried flowers. I had these 2 brass hanging pieces in the dining area, which I filled with marigold and roses. You can replicate these with other bowls. Make sure these pieces are hanging low for the flowers to show through.

g) Closet freshness –

Best way to make closet freshness is to up cycle net bags you get with vegetables. Make small pouches with the help of needle and thread and fill them with flower petals. I made men with dried lavender , i didn’t need any oil dipped cotton piece in it. If you plan to use other flowers, cotton swab is optional.

Here is the image of the dried lavender. Will add the photos of pouch soon. 

h) Make small glass vases – 

I shared this article a while ago about how to make these vases. Here is link to follow. Enjoy making these. In my house these are kept on the window , which opens up to the backyard. 

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