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Basic equipments – Crochet # 2

This post is all about the basic equipments which are needed for crocheting. The list also includes alternatives for convenience. In the absence of specific item, an alternative can always be used. Once you start crocheting, sometimes, you will come up with your own ways to work your way through.

1. Stitch marker – These are used to mark a particular point in any pattern. These can be loops or pins. There are various designs and shapes available out there, you can chose whichever you like. In the absence of markers,  contrast color thread can also be used. You can also create markers by putting colorful beads in safety  pins.                  

Image source : www.amazon.com

2. Tape measure – It should have both centimeters and inches measurement.

Image source : www.amazon.com

3. Yarn needles – These are used to finish the loose ends of the yarns in any pattern. With long eye and blunt point these needled could be bent tip or tapestry needles. Both will be useful as per the projects. These are available in metal, plastic with different eye size to suit the need of each person.  You can buy as per your choice of material, eye size and tip point for your convenience.        



Image source : www.amazon.com 

4. Scissors – Small sharp scissors are very useful. Try to buy one with a cover for the sharp points. it helps in avoiding accidents.


  1. Image source : www.knitpicks.com

    5. Large headed/ pearl headed pins – Required at the time of seaming to secure fabrics or to match and mark stitches. Depending on the project, many a times, stitch markers can also be used to match and mark stitches.

    Image source : www.amazon.com

    6. Pin cushions – This will be required to hold the large/ pearl headed pins or yarn needles in place to avoid any accidents. In the process of learning crochet I made my own pin cushion.  


7Row counter – These are helpful in keeping track of where you are in your crochet project. In the absence of this equipment, a paper,  pen can be used to mark and keep the track.

Image source : www.amazon.com

8. Yarn bobbins – Useful to hold small lengths of yarn for jacquard crochet.

Image source : www.amazon.com

9. Crochet essential kit : I prefer to keep all the above items in one box/ pouch. That kit moves with me wherever i am sitting and working on the projects.

Please write your feedback, questions, doubts in the comments. I will surely respond to you.

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